🌞 Araw Seekers 🌞

We are Isya and Ohio—currently occupying the same space and breathing the same air—who, one day, decided to write the journey and exploration of our thoughts, musings, and actions — published in the internet to be archived and to serve as reference in understanding and living our Present.

The expressions written, hopefully, may help others navigate their own future musings and adventures.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact us: seekers@araw.xyz


2023 Aug 19: Anong Pwedeng Gawin sa Stray Animals?
2023 Apr 02: Eulogy for Chipiski and Edgar
2022 Aug 06: Visiting Loyola
2022 Aug 02: DIY Water Fountain for Pets
2022 Jun 19: (Re)FILL our SWEETS
2022 May 23: Inay Fesing's Homecoming
2021 May 08: IBANANAMAN Bakes: Choco Crinkles
2021 Apr 14: Busy
2020 Nov 03: Deciding on What Hardware (with examples)
2020 Aug 17: I Mask, I Mask, I Mask
2020 Apr 10: Traveling for Work
2020 Apr 01: Comfort in Static
2020 Mar 27: A Health(y) Discourse
2020 Feb 16: One Year Since Quitting Facebook
2019 Nov 29: That Week We Stayed at Bohol
2019 Oct 15: Plants as Trash Deterrent?
2019 Aug 19: Many days meshing into a manifesto (of sorts)
2019 Jul 28: Taiwan Trip, June 2019, (Part 2 of 2)
2019 Jul 21: Taiwan Trip, June 2019, (Part 1 of 2)
2019 Jul 10: Repairing an iPod Classic 160GB


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